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Has 18 years of experience,
Created in 2000

Strict quality inspection

And the quality certification of professional institutions,
Every product has undergone quality inspection.
The quality assurance system is perfect!

good quality

Excellent imported equipment and technology,
Every product is carefully crafted.
Excellent quality!
About us  Dongguan City Heyong Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd..
18 years of industry experience and technology accumulation
Specializing in the production of hot melt adhesive film, polymer film, dedicated to hot melt adhesive film, polymer film
Customer first, cooperation and win-win
Customer First Cooperation and win-win cooperation
Established in 2000, Dongguan City Heyong Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd.. is a professional manufacturer of hot melt adhesive film and polymer film integrating scientific research, development, production and after-sales service. It is committed to hot melt
Research and development of new materials for film, polymer film and related products, and established close cooperative relations with many domestic research institutions, constantly innovating, accelerating the upgrading of products, providing customers with better and more valuable products. .
     The company uses the domestic leading production technology and testing methods, the product has a comprehensive quality tracking management, and the use of imported raw materials to ensure that the product quality has reached the level of imported heat shrinkable film, can completely replace Imported hot melt adhesive film, passed the SGS product certification, and complies with EU ROHS environmental protection standards.

Integrity service is our foundation, quality is our core advantage

Our company products Market Brand Products

Select PK

The material is rigorously screened to ensure its reliability

The use of imported raw materials to ensure that the product quality has reached the level of imported hot melt adhesive film, can completely replace imported hot melt adhesive film

Material selection is not rigorous, no personnel control

The choice of materials is not controlled strictly, and the quality is uneven。 Even with good technology and equipment, the quality of the products cannot be fundamentally guaranteed。

Quality PK

Have professional imported equipment and manufacturing process

With professional technical team and advanced imported equipment, it follows the international trend, constantly innovates, has diverse product styles, and has differentiated competitive advantages. It is deeply loved by customers and has high customer repeat purchase rate.

No professional technical team, outdated equipment

Without a professional design team, the manufacturing process is not perfect, the equipment is relatively old, and the quality of the product at the time of manufacture cannot be guaranteed。

Quality Inspection PK

Strict quality inspection, quality and quantity

The company adopts domestic leading production technology and testing methods to conduct comprehensive quality tracking management of products.

Quality inspection is not rigorous and perfect

Without professional quality inspectors, it is easy for unqualified products to flow out, which ultimately leads to damage to consumer rights。

Quality PK

Quality-oriented, customer first

Quality-oriented, customer-first, service-oriented, continuous improvement--Customer satisfaction is the pursuit of Hongcheng people. Hongcheng people will wholeheartedly serve new and old customers and cooperate to create mutual benefit!

Product quality is uneven

Without good processes and strict quality testing, the quality of the products is uneven。

Our sales process

  • Wholesale application
  • Request acceptance
  • Exchange negotiation
  • Confirm order
  • After sales service
  • Confirm receipt
  • Product shipment
  • Agreement, deposit

And Yong Consulting Hotline: 0769-82138709

Immediate consultation
The company continues to absorb high-tech technical talents, innovate product categories, and improve product quality. It is not only widely acclaimed in the domestic market, but also sells well in various parts of the country. Providing products and services to many well-known companies, has been praised by customers!
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